10 Days of Gift Giving: Educational Toys

Thursday, November 14, 2019

To gear up for Black Friday, I am sharing 10 days of gift guides. All gift guides will include gifts that I know the recipient would love and I either personally own or is on my personal list to give as a gift. I hope my picks will help you as you are searching for the perfect gifts this holiday season.

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I am not one to jump at the chance to buy toys for my son. I purchase items for him just like I purchase items for myself...what purpose will they serve? For Christmas, I always try to get educational toys that we can use to supplement homework. I do not own any of these items...yet. These are on our personal gift guide for our child. For example, my son's favorite book series is Dog Man. I can easily have him use the sentence blocks to write a sentence telling me his favorite part of the book and then he can use that as a visual to write his sentences for his reading homework. 

1. Augmented Reality STEM Math Games. At my son's school they are already using something similar to this device, so this could be another way to bring that learning here at home. This particular one does work through an app, but it also has a mat and manipulatives so your child can practice using the manipulatives with the app guiding them. The math problems does adapt to your child's age and is suitable for ages 5-10. 

2. Osmo Genius Starter Kit. I have been researching this for months. I love that there are various kits and they are compatible with either with an iPad or Kindle Fire. Children can use the Osmo for a hands on experience to practice reading and vocabulary, number sense and math, problem solving, and creativity and imagination. 

3. App Based Interactive Globe. How fun would it be for your child to see where you are traveling and learn more about it? We are trying to take our son to all 50 states before he is 18 as well as at least one international trip. This could be a great start for him to learn about various areas so he can be part of developing the traveling plans. 

4. Spelling Game. We love to buy games for our son because it is something we can do as a family as well. I like the idea of a spelling game because you can easily create cards using your child's sight words or spelling words into this game. 

5. Telescope. This is inspired by a Science homework assignment my son had where he had to analyze the moon to prepare for a moon and sun unit he is going to be doing after Thanksgiving. This particular one is awesome because I can take pictures with it using my phone. This will help take Science homework to the next level so that we can do more hands on items with the telescope. 

6. Sentence Building Dominoes. My son is struggling with forming a complete sentences. When I taught, I loved to teach with games and manipulatives. My son is a hands-on learner, so these sentence blocks will help him be able to manipulate the words to form the sentence before we start writing. 

I hope this gift guide helps you finding the right gift that is also educational. Happy Shopping!


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