National School Counselor Week + Ideas and Resources to Celebrate

Sunday, February 4, 2018
National School Counselor Week is February 5-9, 2018. Have you thought about ways you can celebrate your school counselor(s)? If not, here are a three ideas that you can easily implement this week.


How about leave a treat every day at their door? From a personalized hershey bar, office plant, coffee mug, or breakfast...preparing treats to give to your school counselor(s) is an easy way to help them feel appreciated. School counselors at any given time always has a student in their office and something like a treat can go a long way because there are often times they may not have two minutes to eat lunch or a snack. How about pairing that treat with the gift of some time so they can have a few dedicated minutes to nourish themselves?


How about getting students to fill out a card to thank their school counselor? A school counselor can drastically change a student's life. Having some sweet, positive messages can uplift and remind that person the impact they have on a student's life.


Every day we take time out of the day to let students and staff know of any important information. How about take part of that time with some inspirational messages. American School Counselor Association has some sample messages you can use right away, but of course taking it one step farther and personalizing it for your own campus can go a long way. For example, you can announce various ways everyone can thank their school counselor. You can have a day setup where students and staff can use a hashtag and share a picture of them and their school counselor on social media or school website. You can have some readily available cards that anyone can pick up and drop off to the counselor office. Another day you can have some personalized post-its so that any student or staff member can choose one and stick it on the counselor door surrounding a door sign. You can also share a message about the positive impact school counselors have on your campus. The point is just taking the time to share their impact can have a lasting result.

It takes a village help prepare a student for their future. Taking time to celebrate everyone in your village who all have an impact on a student's life is detrimental and should be done. If you need some help to make your School Counselor Week a special time for your school counselor(s), please click here to use some items I created.

I hope you have a fun time celebrating National School Counselor Week.

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