About Me

Hey y'all,

I am so excited to share my life with you. I am a believer, wife, mother, educator, and blogger in that order. With all the roles that I have it is nice to have a space to be able to not only connect with others, but also share my experiences in hopes that by doing so it will help you.

I am originally from Corpus Christi, TX where I graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; GO ISLANDERS! It was here that I met my college sweetheart and we have been married for six years and together we have a son. Through both my professional experiences and both my husband and son I have learned about how to embrace my full self.

First, a little about my professional life. My journey to becoming an educator began when my life hit a moment that many are faced with—a life changer that will determine if you will rise or fall and for me it was being diagnosed with a neurological movement disorder called, Dystonia—it was a teacher—who I honestly did not like much at first because he called me out on my crap, and I did not like that very much at that time—who was the first to show me the impact an educator can have on someone’s life. It was this teacher who helped me realize my why—to ensure that every child has a learning experience that they find meaningful and prepares them for their future endeavors. I currently serve as an Assistant Principal at a college and career high school whose vision is that every student will have a career opportunity or education placement when they graduate high school, and I have to say that serving at this particular high school is a true honor because its vision matches so perfectly with my why.

Second, a little about my personal life. I never thought having a child was in my cards due to my neurological movement disorder. Heck, I never even thought I would ever get married. I thank God for my husband for seeing my beauty inside and out and my son for making me realize what love is in a whole new way. My husband has taught me that everyone is capable and worthy of being loved. And my son has made me stronger, braver, and even more courageous. Through them I have found who I am and stand strong and confident that being me is the best thing.

It is through both my professional and personal experiences that I find it important to motivate others to celebrate their best selves. We all have so much to offer and having confidence in who you are and realizing your why can make life so much more fun.

I take it to heart to lead by example, and to always find opportunities for growth because failure is not an option, but instead another stepping stone in the journey that we can learn from and become even better as a result. On my little space here on the internet, you will find just that—opportunities to help you grow. Whether it be from using a treat tag I posted that you could utilize with your staff, a beauty product that I have found that has improved my hair, an outfit that makes me feel gorgeous, or even my many adventures in motherhood and #wifelife, I hope that the seeds I plant here result in full grown opportunities for you.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I look forward to connecting with you.

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