10 Days of Gift Giving: Gift Guide for Hair Enthusiasts

Monday, November 11, 2019

To gear up for Black Friday, I am sharing 10 days of gift guides. All gift guides will include gifts that I know the recipient would love and I either personally own or is on my personal list to give as a gift. I hope my picks will help you as you are searching for the perfect gifts this holiday season.

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I absolutely love buying hair products. All of these products I own and do wonders for my hair. Are some on the pricier side? Yes. However, I believe in quality hair products and tools because you get the most bang for your buck.

1. T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25" Curling Iron. Words cannot explain how much I love this curling iron. I have curls for days everytime I use it. In fact, my rotation with using this tool is I curl my hair on Sunday after washing my hair. I will not touch this curling iron again until Wednesday for a refresh. The rest of the week I will go to bed with my hair in a braid for a beachy wave look.

2. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron. I try to only flat iron my hair once per week when I wash. If I am using a flat iron it is because I was lazy with wrapping up my hair at night and need to go over a few pieces that got crushed while I slept. I can control the temperature, and I only have to use one pass when using this curling iron which are two big reasons why I love this flat iron.

3 and 4. Kevin Murphy Hair Products. Two years ago I found out about Kevin Murphy products and the wonders it can do when wearing my natural hair in its curly state. My love affair with this product began with Killer Curls and Young Again oil and grew from there. When washing and conditioning my hair, I love the Repair Me line. I think it is a great line for all hair types and do not get me started on the Young Again oil. It is on the pricier side, BUT a little goes a long way and it truly does help your hair. All Kevin Murphy products have a scent. Some are more mild than others. Most complaints you will see in reviews are about the scents. I personally love them all. These three products have a mellow scent to them.

5. Satin Pillowcase. This has been a game change for me. Every night I already used a satin head wrap to wrap my hair up at night. Wrapping my hair protects my edges and ensures when I wake up the next morning that my hair is still straight for the next day; otherwise, I will wake up and some of it will be curly or matted. Before investing in the Slip brand pillowcase I bought a satin pillowcase from Amazon. I love it, and I really do not know how much different it is from the Slip brand pillowcase. I now can just use a satin scarf to ensure my edges remained laid throughout the night, and I braid the rest of my hair and go to sleep.

6. Kristin Ess Texture Spray. Another big reason why I have curls for days is because after my curls are cooled and set I spray with a texture spray. The first brand I used was Kristin Ess. I have tried others including the beloved Oribe, but NOTHING is in comparison to this one, AND it is the cheapest of the ones I have tried. It does have a slight scent, but nothing overbearing.

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I hope this gift guide helps you finding the right gift for the hair enthusiast in your life. Happy Shopping!

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