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Monday, April 16, 2018
For those of you that do not know in case you are new to my blog, my full-time gig that I adore is being a High School Assistant Principal. I am a firm believer in celebrating others so I am making plans on how our campus will celebrate Administrative Professional Day on April 25th. My campus has the best administrative staff, in my opinion. At the campus I am blessed to serve we have a lot of newbies on our administrative team. Have you ever heard the saying, teamwork makes the dream work? Well, let me tell you a little bit about our administrative team...we have a first-year Building Principal and two first-year Assistant Principals (I am one of the two). The ladies on our administrative team have helped us newbies survive and be our best selves. They truly deserve a day of celebration to know how much we truly appreciate them for all they do for us and our campus.

I always like to create personalized cards or signs, so I wanted to share the sign I will be using with you. I plan on having people sign and add a message for each person on our administrative team.  I will also post the sign on their door decorated with some florals around it to make it really pop. My hope is that the decor is one they can have up for the rest of the year especially since it is Spring.  I plan on using this 24 pack of paper flowers found on Amazon. We have a total of 8 ladies on our administrative staff, so this 24 pack is perfect to add 3 flowers around the sign on their door. You can find both the PDF and PNG version of the sign by clicking here.

Some other ways you can celebrate your administrative professionals are:

Extended Lunch Break

Have you thought about recruiting some faculty members to man the desks of your administrative professional team so they can have an extended lunch where the administrators are tasked with waiting on them? This is easy to do by utilizing your faculty who are earning their Administrative certification to be the "AP on duty" so that you can take care of your team.

Basket of Love

Recruit each department to sponsor a basket to give to your administrative staff. You can share that person's favorites with that department and that way you can get the entire faculty to help celebrate your wonderful administrative team. 

I hope that this helps or inspires you to make your Administrative Professional Day a big celebration for your team.

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