Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Principal Bucket List

Principal Bucket List

I saw a post by @prestoplans on Instagram for her Teacher Bucket List found here. Seeing that post came right on time because I was in the middle of making a list of my work goals. This year I am driven by the question: what am I intentionally doing to impact student learning?

Every day my goal is to support and praise teachers on the work they are doing. I believe that by doing that it directly impacts student learning because when your teachers feel that they have support to do great things they want to do in their classroom and when they are praised for the work they put into those great things students are directly impacted by that. While working on my 2018 goals for my career I really had to take a hard look at what exactly did I do to intentionally impact student learning, and I personally was not impressed with the list I came up with. You see intentional to me means that the intent to do something has nothing to do with how I am personally going to gain from it and in some ways I feel that some of the things I did last semester had everything to do with me and not enough about the other people. So in some ways intention is my #wordof2018.

After seeing @prestoplans lovely teacher bucket list, it inspired me to create my own in my role as a school administrator. My hope is that by sharing this resource with you that you create your own bucket list for your own career because this does not have to be something just for educators. I look forward to posting about my journey on completing my bucket list for 2018. You can follow along on my journey by following me on Instagram @im_jadestenger or using the #2018CareerBucketList.

To download the resource please click here.

So, I ask you...

What are your big goals for you in your career or personal life for 2018? 

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