SOL#22: Can.You.Hear.Me?

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Mother, mother can you hear me?

Mother, mother can you understand me?

Mother, mother I am speaking.

I see you are trying to understand but somehow, someway the words come across like a code that you haven’t quite cracked. In my head, the words are so clear but once they escape I see your eyes get bigger because your brain is trying to decode each to make sense of each word.

Mother, mother I wish you could feel my struggle.

Mother, mother I wish you could hear my cries.

Mother, mother I am trying.

Trying to say it right.

Trying to

Did you catch that?

I made my “la” sound.

Aren’t you proud?

I am participating in Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Challenge #22. The last time I participated in Slice of Life was when I was a classroom teacher and had my students participate. If you want to know more about the Slice of Life Challenge please read here. The jist is to write a snippet of every day life experiences and keep it real. I personally wanted to join the challenge because I miss writing and want to incorporate it back into my every day life.

My hope is to wrap up this challenge with a “behind the scenes” post to capture my inspiration behind each post. I feel it is important to share inspirations that fuel your writing. I was personally inspired by Penny Kittle’s Padlet found here of various texts that shape her thinking. Writing, for me, fuels my soul, and I hope each of my posts from this challenge fuels you.


  1. I had to see what you were writing about your son. Little ones are so much fun and they really do try to tell us so many things.

  2. Sorry I didn't think it published the first time and not sure why it isn't telling you the is from Jillfr a first timer!! You probably figured that out by my replying twice!!

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