Top Three Affordable Date Night Ideas

Friday, July 6, 2018

I think dating your significant other especially once you are married is extremely important. That one-on-one time to reconnect keeps your relationship thriving. I have to admit that my husband and I have not done the best with keeping up with date night. I wanted to share some ideas for date night that does not always mean you have to go on a dinner date. This is something that is important to my husband. He sometimes hears date and automatically thinks that means you have to spend over a $100 to have a great time, but I am here to tell you that a date night does not always mean you have to spend insane amounts of money or even any money at all. Here are my top three affordable date ideas that we have done and had a blast doing.

1. Go window shopping for your home

At the beginning of the year my husband and I sit down together and make goals. One of the goals we set is for our home. We like to focus on one to two areas of our home and by the end of the year that goal needs to be complete. This year was about our son's room and his mancave. We will go to furniture stores and just window shop to decide on thing we like together. Sometimes we walk out of the store with something and sometimes we do not. My husband is the biggest deal finder I have ever met. He does not believe in paying sticker price for anything so if we walk out of the store with anything you better believe it is because it was a hell of a deal.

2. Cook dinner together

You can save a lot of money cooking meals yourself. When we are lazy we head to Costco and get one of their oven ready meals, pop open a bottle of wine, and dine in the comfort of our own home. Other times we make a cheese and meat plate together. This has become one of our favorite meals. He picks the cheeses since I am lactose intolerant and would not be the best at that and I pick the meats, fruits, and olives. I also make it all pretty on the board. 

3. Play a game

My husband and I love to play games. I still think we were the first to discover 5 second rule years ago. Then two years later it became this huge hit. Can it be hard finding games suitable for two? Yes. But we are both extremely competitive and get the best laughs from a game night. Our favorites are Scrabble, TV Show King on Playstation 2, and 5 second rule. 

I got this lovely romper from H&M and it is definitely a number one stunna. I am wearing a size 8 for reference, but it was too big so I would recommend to size down. My normal size was too big at the top and was a loose fit. A size smaller would give me a more fitted look up top and not so loose in the bottom. It has a good stretch to it, so sizing down would not be a big deal. Plus, it has pockets! I love an outfit with pockets.

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