The Perfect Summer Lip

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Each season I tend to pick one color I go with for my nails and my lips. During the summer months, I like hot coral soft pink. I think this is one color that looks good on all skin tones. This summer I found the perfect summer lip combo, and I achieve my summer lip look using three products that consists of a lip liner, matte lipstick, and lip gloss. These three items go with me everywhere, looks good with all my outfits, and can take me day to night. 

I start off by lining my lips with the Kat Von D lip liner in the shade Lolita. If you are a Kat Von D lipstick lover then you will know that the shade Lolita is an all around fave for everyone. I just follow my natural lip line to do this and then draw an X at the top of my lip and at the bottom of my lip. 

I then apply the Maybelline Inti-Matte Nude lipstick in the shade Honey Pink to the bottom of my lips first and then blot my lips together. I then apply the lipstick to the top of my lip. Side note: if you follow me on Instagram I did a try on with four shades from this line and this was the one shade that I honestly thought no way, Jose will I ever wear this because it is really pink by itself. 

But I found the secret weapon that tones down that pink a little to my comfort zone. So last, I apply the NYX butter lip gloss in the shade Tiramisu. Once I do that these three products together become magic. Super easy and it lasts a while.

I know this post is all about the perfect summer lip, but I always have to stick in a little fashion in the mix. This dress would be perfect for a summer wedding, a daytime lunch, or even a brunch. Every time I look at this dress it just brings a smile to my face because it is just so dainty and pretty. 

If you have been following along with me you will know that I get most of my jewelry from two places: Target and Amazon. I don't care that I wear knock offs. I am a girl on a budget and I am not one to wear jewelry all the time so I do not want to invest a whole lot into something I will barely wear. The only way I will buy the original designer is if it is on sale for a great price. One retailer I find BaubleBar earrings at an incredible price is Nordstrom Rack. I found these earrings at Amazon for $10. 

As far as this dress, let me tell you. The Who What Wear collection at Target lately is just giving me all the heart eyes. I cannot stop buying items from this collection. I linked my dress below and here depending on your sizing.

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