The Perfect Yellow Summer Dress from Forever 21

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
I think yellow is the color for the summer, y'all. From makeup to fashion yellow is the latest rage. I've got the perfect yellow summer dress and you will not believe the price. This dress is under $30 and what I love most about this dress is it is quite roomy. I am wearing my normal size which is a medium to give you an idea. I see myself going on a major food binge and still having room in my dress to feel comfortable. Plus, it has pockets. I don't know about y'all, but I love a dress with pockets. There is something magical about having some storage in a dress. Am I right?

I found this dress at Forever 21. I have not shopped here in almost ten years and due to that I had to go into the store to try on everything because I was not sure if my normal size would work with every item. I am so glad I decided to do that because in some items I could wear a medium and other items I had to get a large. It all just depended on the item. To be honest, linen type items are not ones that I gravitate towards. One, you can only get away with linen for a couple months and two, it wrinkles way too easily. I made an exception for this dress because it looked so good on and the yellow color looks great on my skin tone. It does come in white as well, and I think would be perfect for Memorial Day or a summer bride.

Styling this look was easy. I wanted it to be all about the dress. Sorry, y'all my shoes are an oldie from last year. Plus, they are not the most comfortable shoe so it would not be one that I would recommend to anyone. I keep it real, y'all if you did not notice.

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Photography by Lauren McCrae

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