Perfect Summer Shorts for Curvy Girls at Nordstrom Rack

Thursday, May 24, 2018
I've got curves and sometimes that makes it difficult to shop. We all have assets to flaunt and areas we need to hide when it comes to shopping for the perfect clothing item, so I know being curvy is not the only body type that finds it difficult to shop for certain items. But a last I have found the perfect shorts I think all curvy girls should have in their closet. They have the perfect amount of stretch, style, and wear that I have ever seen in a pair of shorts. Bonus is they come in sizes small, medium, and large. I typically do better if a short comes in sizes like this versus buying them when they come in number sizes.

Anywho, they are available right now at Nordstrom Rack, and they are a Spring/Summer staple you need to have in your closet. If you have never shopped at Nordstrom Rack let me tell you about this particular retailer. One, they have a 45 day return policy. I feel comfortable buying online knowing that if something does not work it is not going to be a hassle to return. Two, the price point is excellent for my budget. Three, who would not want to shop somewhere you can find great clothing items at an excellent price point? Case closed.

Here is how I styled these shorts:

Shop the Look:

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  1. You really could wear this jumpsuit almost anywhere. This is such a comfortable jumpsuit. I bought another short sleeve jumpsuits for women since I loved the black one. I plan on buying more!!


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