Summer Shorts with Universal Thread from Target

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's wear all the shorts season, y'all. This is the one thing I love about the summer because here in Houston it is extra hot. However, for me finding the right shorts is not always easy. I have curves and cellulite that does not need to be showcased so although wearing shorts in the summer it is my favorite it also means that some of my flaws are showcased for the world to see. Also, there are a lot of shorts that are exactly that...short. I like a little length to my short because my assets are only for my husband's eyes.

Needless to say, I have found the perfect shorts and they are from Target and under $20. They have the right amount of stretch and the stretch does not get so stretchy that the shorts are super loose. Instead they stay fitted so get your normal size. I am a size 8 for reference. Could I have gotten the size 6 and been perfectly fine? Yes. But I like the fit of the 8 because if my weight fluctuates, as it always does, I know that these will fit.

I paired these white shorts from Target's Universal Thread line with this pink tiered top from Nordstrom Rack, silver wedge sandals from Payless, blue mirror sunglasses from Amazon, and my go to summer hat from H&M. The outfit to me screams summer and fun. By the way, my sunglasses are an awesome $5 find and they come in pink as well! 

Shorts (Target) | Sandals (Payless) | Sunglasses (Amazon)

Since my top is sold out at Nordstrom Rack I wanted to make sure to have plenty of other options I found that are all affordable finds that scream summer. Happy shopping!

Photography by Elizabeth Brooke Photography.

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