Get in my closet: Transitional Tops

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
When I buy tops I put them into two categories: trendy and transitional. I steer more towards that 60% of my tops need to be transitional and 40% can be the latest trend. If I do buy a top that is more on the trendy side then I will not spend any more than $25-$30 for it because I know that eventually it will be donated. For any top that falls into the transitional category it must meet the following things:
  1. carry over to at least two different seasons;
  2. paired with two different bottoms;
  3. can transition from day to night; 
  4. work-appropriate;
  5. casual appropriate; and
  6. be able to pull off least I tried to try today appropriate
When your wardrobe consists of more than half of your clothing pieces that are transitional I believe there is so much more you can do with those pieces.

I challenge you to take ten pieces that are truly transitional pieces and see how many various outfits you can put together. 

I am positive you will see that just with those ten pieces you can have a full 30 day wardrobe. 

But shh, don't tell my husband; otherwise, he will use this against me when I buy more clothes or dare to say, "I have nothing to wear!"

I am sure you will like my current picks for what I'm loving for transitional tops this Spring. They all have a fantastic price point because, hello I have an average budget. Plus, I can make something that costs $6.00 look like a million bucks. Confidence, peeps + buying the right items always=a million dollar looking budget.

Happy shopping! As always, if you hover over the image it will show you the sale price. Are you a sale stalker like me? If so, I got you covered!

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